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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  February 20, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute right we begin with breaking news out of hartford county. we are told three people are dead and two others injured after three vehicles collided. it happened around 9:32 night. authorities are on the scene, and wrote is shut down. we will to you more information as it becomes available. more than 1000's vehicles broken into. police are calling reaching more than 100 vehicles a broken into. police are calling this an unusual. terry has the latest. >> it is unusual for someone to be able to break into 13 cars and steel another one without anyone getting caught, but the victims believe there souped up cars created an irresistible opportunity for thieves.
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expensive upgrades to make the cars stand out, but members were not worried when they went inside for dinner friday night. >> 500 feet from the movie theater. >> when members return around 11:00 p.m., they realize their cars were not as safe as they assumed. >> in look like they tried to pull back to get in. >> they took to tvs from my car. they took my girlfriend's wallet. she had her birth certificate, social security card, $500 cash. >> please determine 13 cars were targeted and one was stolen. -- police determined 13 cars were targeted and one was stolen. eugene question how this could happen on a busy friday night with beef up security following
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a double murder on small property. >> -- on mall property. >> security was not doing their job. >> the mall spokeswoman said they are cooperating with police but refused to comment on specifics or security changes that may be in the works. club members tell us insurance companies will not cover their losses unless they carry customization insurance. >> it took me a couple of years to get the car the way i wanted it, and time and money, so that is a lot of money. they at least gone 1500 out of my car. >> we are told investigators are reviewing all surveillance, but they have not named any suspects. >> using a racial slur during a county council meeting. they are voicing their concerns after that happen.
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the council member reportedly used the derogatory term gooks during the meeting. that came while they were trying to make the board more diverse. >> careless speech will build, and id becomes the basis for sometimes prejudice, and we want bad.p that in abovthe >> we are told he has issued an apology. the maryland general assembly is wrestling with three medical marijuana bills, and they are all different. the baltimore county is leading the charge on one of those measures. we sat down with him to ninth to discuss the issue and its chances of passing. >> one limits its use to
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research facilities. the doctor has another approach, and while talking to him, we quickly came to realize why he was uniquely qualified to make a recommendation. >> it is about empowerment and dignity. >> he added a new title to his accomplishments. his book, "the better end" just came out. end of the book draws on his professional and personal experiences with and of life care. he describes writing it as a satisfying experience because of the characters spoke on the life of their own. >> if there was one character on my shoulder was to bring in my year, and i was channeling them. >> he is uniquely qualified to write this, and that can be applied to helping to crack a medical marijuana bill to help ease the suffering of those who
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have a debilitating condition. his bill is the product of the findings of a task force created a year ago. the same task force has a competing bill and cut limits marijuana as a recreational drug. >> the other plan has a tightly controlled system of state designated grower and distribution center with of relief accounted for from growing to where the patient -- with every leaf accounted for from growing too were the patient gets it. >> in the believes research institutions would be reluctant partners because of the risk of losing federal funding. his proposal also calls for collecting data on its usage. >> we have to have of heart here. the aging of the population, the number of people with chronic diseases, this is going to give
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some relief, and we can do that in a compassionate way. >> the medical marijuana bill is scheduled to be heard march 9 by a joint committee. >> tomorrow a senate committee is expected to take up the same- sex marriage bill, which passed the house last friday. the house across it with a 72-67 vote. last year the state senate passed a similar bill with a comfortable margin. opponents say they will take it to a referendum should it be signed into law. if it is ross, maryland would become the eighth state to legally recognized -- is is passed, maryland would become a state in the country. a bill prevents discrimination against transgendered restaurants who use public restrooms. it would use gender identity and sexual orientation or the existing laws. the measure comes in the wake of the attack of a transgendered woman who tried to use a woman's
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bathroom last april. opponents say it would lead to more problems. >> i know they are not dangerous. i know they are not going to hurt anybody. i am worried about the other people and who are going to dress up and pretend they are something they are not. >> men dressed up as women, getting into showers, gymnasiums, with children. >> the bill is up for a vote during tomorrow's meeting. now the council member who sponsored it said he expects it to pass. a 22-year-old man is recovering after an apparent road rage. investigators say the incident ended in a crash and a stabbing around 4:30 this afternoon near the on theports store. and we are told three people were hurt, including the person who was stabbed. police made an arrest after a fatal stabbing in baltimore. they say todd stab at the other
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man during the leg in a fight last night. the man was taken to hospital, where he later died. family and friends of a 13-year- old are still in shock after the teenager was hit and killed by a car over the weekend. investigators say michael sellout of a moving car driven by his stepfather and was struck -- fell out of a moving car driven by his stepfather and was struck by a car. we are told the man had been drinking an alcoholic drink when he became ill and leaned out to vomit. >> i cannot believe he is gone. >> it is unbelievable he is gone because the other day we were talking to him and everything. it is unbelievable. >> he was always in a good road, was to have fun with his friends. when you were sad, he would cheer you up right away. he was a good kid. i am sad to see him go. >> the drink is illegal to minors, but the mother said an
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adult bought a drink for her son. a person is dead after a person left the road and crashed into a kfc restaurant. we are told for people are injured but none of the injuries appear serious. that remains under investigation. some people are still feeling ill effects of the gas leak. the damage has already been done to dozens of appliances. >> the first goal was to get a water main six. water backed up into the gas line and flooded dozens of appliances. >> the heat is gone. the water heater is on. the gas is on. >> of the of and did not fare so well. >> you turn the stove on in the bottom part does not work. >> crews turn the gas off apple
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and hundreds of others after water -- and gas off and hundreds of others. water got into the gas line and flooded dozens of appliances. >> depending on where you were geographically, you either had a good amount of damage or no damage at all. if you have a gas stove you are going to have water shooting up. >> the city was aware of at least 200 customers with appliance issues as of monday morning. >> the leader was still about a gallon of water, and a lot of water came pouring out of the line when they disconnected id from the meter. >> many customers are wondering who is going to pay for the damages. >> we will have to figure out how to replace the stoves. >> people are urged to contact private insurance companies. the city is also offering claim forms. officials are planning to process claims within the next 30 days. >> if it is a legitimate claim,
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the city will take care of it. >> some customers are waiting for their gas to be turned back on. catherine jacob has learned a valuable lesson about patients. >> i am getting used to it. you have got to go with the flow. they are doing the best they know how to do. >> officials tell me they have not been able to make contact with a few dozen customers about getting the gas restored. if you need information, we have two numbers on your screen. one is for claims, and the other four questions about gas. customer service assistance and will also be available at samuel morris >> center tomorrow from 8 about 30 until 4:30 p.m.. >> motorists are beginning to feel the pinch at the pump. the average price for a gallon
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of gas stems at $3.61 a gallon. that is of 5 cents since last week. experts blame who refinery problems on the east coast and growing demand. conflict in the middle east also contributes to surging prices. >> she go politics in the middle east causing of psychology of dear about future some -- of about supply has never been greater. >> gas prices could exceed $4 a gallon by memorial day. tuck.t get sucke download our application to find out about where you are. many in the maryland delegation are heading back home tonight, basking in the glow of the cardinal over the weekend, but
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not before getting a rare opportunity, an audience with the pope. >> almost 5000 of the faithful gathered inside the auditorium. while they awaited for the arrival of pope benedict, they sound familiar faces from home. there were also a number of spontaneous expressions of song and word from within various groups from around the world dorgan -- and around the world. and the moment all were waiting for, to get the close as you get region -- closest view yet. always remain connected in order to be in communion with a church. he went on to say unity in the church as a divine gift which much be defended and developed. and the crowd erupted into applause and song once again as the holy father blessed everyone before his accident. after his audience with a holy
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father, a short walk across the square, another reception for the cardinal. and we talked about their impressions of being in the presence of the holy father. >> it is a wonderful rain -- thing to realize he is the spiritual head of millions of people. it was magnificent. he was everything i thought it would be. he seemed like a wonderful man and a great leader of the catholic church. >> it was an experience i will treasure forever. >> we met three generations of worshipers, grandmother, mother, and son. >> ed o'brien became a cardinal, and that means a lot to me. >> i am grateful to be a catholic. i am grateful to be here with my family. >> did you ever see the opportune -- think you would have this opportunity? pretty awesome experience? all the week's events are now
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over. all of those in attendance will return home with a renewed sense of faith and hopefully become brighter begins of hope in their communities. perhaps you can watch cardinal o'brien as he receives his bring from the pope was more photos from the ceremony and behind the scenes on our web site out click on hot topics. soldiers received a warm welcome home today. dozens of loved ones slapped high-five's for troops as they arrived, and for some people, today helped fill the void of their loved ones being stationed far from home. >> he is stationed out in san diego. we cannot go out there and say hello and goodbye, because you never know when they go, so we are welcoming somebody else's son and daughter.
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>> growth of passed out cookies to the troops. operation -- girl scouts pass out cookies to the troops. as authorities continued to piece together how nearly one doesn't skiers and it up seeing a dangerous area who region 1000 skiers ended up skiing in a dangerous area, one girl claims an air bag saved her life. more on that avalanche that killed three. >> the avalanche was preceded by a foot and a half of freshly fallen snow that brought out skiers of all skills, including those heading to the ski at your own risk area called seventh heaven. >> we felt comfortable and safe to begin there. >> and the avalanche came, which
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she said she did not think it would reach her. >> it is amazing how quickly an avalanche happens, and its progress of a very rapidly into something major. >> 3 in her group were killed. but we lost three amazing people, two of them who were my good friends. >> show was not in as much favor -- as much danger as she was, who inflated her airbag, which is meant to help people on top of the avalanche. >> it is not like you are taking an interview ride. you are in the avalanche, and it feels like you are in a washing machine the entire way. it is very scary. >> an avalanche warning had been posted just hours prior to the tragedy.
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>> in the crescent city, is, let the good times roll. the city of new orleans are eating king cake and celebrating mardi gras. they have been getting thousands of those celebratory beans ready. dozens of raids associated with the celebrations have been going on for the past two weeks, but the biggest blowout goes on tomorrow on fat tuesday. >> now your forecast. >> there is little bit of snow on the ground in virginia and even adjusting across southern maryland. a healthy 10 inches, was just to the south, four or 10 inches, and all of that is really well to our south. you can see some of it in the northern parts of n.c.. now that produce and in clear
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skies. it was the temperature above normal. we see a hint of cloud cover from the west. but will gradually spread over there again tomorrow, but until that gets here, temperatures in will be falling. 30 of the airport. that is the current temperature, so we are falling quickly after getting around 49 degrees. 20's in southern pennsylvania. sunrise will be clear. so not at 6:51. 34, downtown baltimore. the skies are clear. the winds are common, but this storm is trying to be approaching. -- now the winds are calm, but the storm is going to be approaching. it was 39 degrees for a high- temperature today.
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their normal is only in the 20's, so they were well above normal. a lot of the precipitation coming with this is rain all the way into parts of iowa, southern wisconsin. the snow is only on the far northern edge of it, and that is live into canada of. on the south side, a few sprinkles. most of the action will be in the great lakes. wednesday, another weather disturbance with a passing shower or sprinkle and the same scenario on thursday. a slight chance of showers, but all this week temperatures are going to be gradually warming. a chance of evening sparkles with a south wind at hand. winds are going to be out of the saudis and gusting at times in the afternoon, and -- out of the southeast and gusting at times in the afternoon. scattered rain showers tomorrow and tuesday. a chance of a little bit of wet
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snow. moseley rain out west. 50's 4 highs. a sprinkle possible tomorrow. ocean city will see temperatures steadily climbing, getting close to 60 on wednesday, and around here we may see-the 60's. 54 on wednesday. maybe even a springlike thunderstorm on friday before a cold front with us through with gusty winds on saturday. temperatures will be much showier region -- much chillier over the weekend. >> ramiya lynn is bigger than ever. you will not believe what support we are talking about. baseball season starts.
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>> with me is britney morris. $975,000. you're winning numbers are 25- 34236-37-23-32 25-34 = = is no one matches all six numbers, the jackpot climbs to $1 million. the next drawing is -- visited maryland
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>> mario's start spring training. it is uncertain when brian roberts will return to good health. fans seem understandably wearied by 14 straight losing.
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jason hamill, they all wear oriole uniforms. this may be one of the things surprises in baseball this year. probably not, but in february, anything is possible. they hope the new names become big-name sooner rather than later. >> competition is everything in this sport, and i think it brings out the best in everybody, and it is an exciting time not only for me but for everybody, and i am looking forward to it. >> manny ramirez turns 40 this season. if all goes well, he will celebrate his birthday in the oakland a's lineup. he was signed for a one-year deal for half a million dollars.
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not a lot of reasons they do not have to pay him during his suspension. jermaine -- jeremy lin has become the most popular man since rudy giuliani. anthony back in the lineup after a groin injury. working into perfection, but not a perfect night. it was the nets. there williams stole the show. the nets win it. this will show you how popular jeremy lin has become. tim tebow is talking about him, too. >> i think he is handling himself great, and i think he is taking care of himself, and i
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think he will keep working hard and don't listen to everyone else. >> conspicuous motivation in not collapse. caps lose to caroline of. justin faulk on the rebound. eric, short-handed breakaway, and carolina beats the caps, 5- 0. when alan iverson announced coming back to pro ball, i am fairly certain he meant basketball. he meant soccer. they have offered him a contract to play in the indoor soccer league. in that league, they frown upon the ball hitting your feet.
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a $5,000 bonus for each goalie's gore. it should not cause much. they only have two regular season games. the offer has paid for itself in publicity. when was the last time you heard anyone outside of new york talking about the rochester team. tom will be talking about the weather, next. weather, next.
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>> our mild weather continues. >> low 50's tomorrow, and again on wednesday. there will be a slight chance for a sprinkle tomorrow and a slight chance for showers in the middle of the week, but it gets even warmer thursday and friday, which means the next front could bring a thunderstorm before it turns windy and surely over the weekend. >> one of those summer thunderstorms. summer storms. that is all tonight. "the tonight show" is next. we will see you
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